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Page history last edited by Dibakar Parida 14 years, 7 months ago

The IIT Madras edition of the WiCamp is over with over 140 campers joining in.

Click here to view the event summary. Also view the Live MindMap.  






(pronounced as we-camp)


Theme: Green Innovations

Date: Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time: 9:30 AM till 5 PM (Lunch and High Tea On)

Venue: Media Resouces Centre, Central Library, IIT Madras Campus






Add your name here. Please also add your institution's name.

S No. Name Mail ID Institution Blog/ Web
1 Pavan Soni  pavan.soni@wipro.com  Wipro Technologies  www.pavansoni.net 
2 Krishna krishnakummar@gmail.com Knowledge Universe Technologies  
3 Balaji OS osbalaji@gmail.com Wipro Consulting http://osbalaji.bogspot.com
4 Mukund mukund.seetharaman@wipro.com Wipro Infotech  
5 Balakumar Muthu balakumar.muthu[at]gmail.com SweetCircles.com/ LoveLogger.com http://www.i5bala.com
6 Bhuvaneswaran A bhuvan@ubuntu.com http://www.collab.net http://www.livecipher.com
7 Ilango Subramaniam illaango@gmail.com http://www.collab.net -
8 Sreekanth Balakrishnan sree@openbravo.com www.openbravo.com slashgnu.blogspot.com
9 Ravi Kumar ravi.kamma@wipro.com Wipro  Technologies  
10 Sriprada sriprada.s04@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
11 Suraj K suraj.k36@wipro.com Wipro technologies  
12 Darshan Bildikar darshan_bildikar@yahoo.com Yahoo  
13 Kuberan Marimuthu karthik172@gmail.com PSG college of technology www.mobyqube.com
14 Sriram Vasudevan sriram.vasudevan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies -
15 Vaidhy Mayilrangam vaidhy AT loonys DOT net Serendio -
16 Dr.G.Ravindran    grindran@gmail.com     ISBR, Chennai    
17 Dr.N.Mahesh    mahesheco@gmail.com     ISBR,Chennai   
18 Sivaranjani S siva.ranjani1@wipro.com  Wipro Technologies  
19 Aarthi. K aarthi.krishnaswami@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
20 Sumeer Kumar sumeer.kumar@gmail.com BluFlash Labs Pvt.Ltd. http://sites.google.com/site/bluflashlabsprivatelimited
21 Narasimhan PLL narasimhan.pll@wipro.com Wipro Technologies http://www.linkedin.com/in/narasi
22 Gaurav Kataria k.gaurav@hcl.in HCL Technologies  
23 Sashisekharan Sivakumar sashisekharan.sivakumar@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
24 Subramanian Datta Ramprasad subramanian.ramprasad@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
25 Mathan Thanappan mathan.thanappan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
26 Santhosh Kumar P santhosh.pkumar@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
27 Syed R Ahamed syed.ahamed@wipro.com  Wipro Technologies  
28 Muthu Velayuthan muthu.velayutham@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
29 Ganesh.G g.ganesh83@gmail.com Wipro Technologies  
30 Karthikeyan Sampath karthikeyan.sampath@wipro.com Wipro Technologies http://www.linkedin.com/in/karthikeyansampath
31 Sivasankar Sundararaj sivasankar.sundararaj@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
32 Lakshmanan K lakshmanan.kuppan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
33 Shreyas C shreyas.sekhar@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
34 Rajarshi Samanta rajarshisamanta2000@gmail.com Great Lakes Institute of Management  
35 Harin Bhavsar harin.bhavsar[at]wipro.com Wipro Limited
36 Dibakar Parida dibakar.parida@wipro.com Wipro Limited  
37 Kalpana Anand kalpana.anand@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
38 Hari Prasad Sudharsan hari.sudharsan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
39 Syed Tabreez syed.abdul@wipro.com Wipro Technologies   
40 Ananthi Chinnadurai ananthi.chinnadurai@cognizant.com Cognizant Technology Solutions  
41 Divya Pari divya.pari@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
42 Thanigai thanigaivelan.selvamani@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
43 Srinand s.lakshminarasimha@accenture.com Accenture  
44 S.S.Vasan vasan@humecons.com VDime Innovative Works  
45 Kanwaljit Kaur Bathh kanwaljit.bathh@greatlakes.edu.in Greatlakes institute of Management  
46 Akanksha Sethi Akanksha.sethi@greatlakes.edu.in Greatlakes Institute od Management  
47 Mahaboob Ali Khan Mahaboob.ali.khan@greatlakes.edu.in Greatlakes Institute od Management  
48 Mahishkumar Lodha mahishkumar.lodha@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
49 Balaji Sowmyanarayanan labsji  gmail doott com http://twitter.com/labsji  
50 Yashwanth C cyashwanth@gmail.com Cognizant Technology Solutions  
51 Hemapriya Annamalai hemapriya.annamalai@tcs.com Tata Consultancy Services Ltd  
52 Eswaran N eswaran.narasimhan@niit-tech.com NIIT Technologies Ltd.  
53 Akila Jayakumar akila_jayakumar@yahoo.co.nz CEG,Anna University  
54 Prakash Kumar prakash.ac05@gmail.com CEG,ANNA UNIVERSITY  
55 Biswapriya Dey biswapriya.dey@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
56 Joydeep Talukdar joydeep.talukdar@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
57 Priyanka Mishra priyanka.mishr@wipro.com Wipro Infotech  
58 Samuel Johnson sam.johnson@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
59 Sufiyan kakingarae sufiyanm@hcl.in HCL Technologies  
60 Ayaz Ahmed sameer.ayaz@gmail.com MIIT, Chennai  
61 Akila K P akila_kp@yahoo.com College Of Engineering,Guindy  
62 A.Shoba sivashoba@yahoo.co.in Mamallan Institute of Technology, Chennai  
63 Pourush Chowdhary pourush_chowdhary@yahoo.co.in Wipro Technologies krakozonia.blogspot.com
64 Girija Krishnan girijakrishnan01@gmail.com Wipro Technologies  
65 C.Sivaprakasam agpsivaprakash@yahoo.com Sathyabama University, Chennai  
66 Ragesh.T rageshtulsi@gmail.com IIT Madras  
67 Vamsi Mohan Ch vamsimohan.ch@gmail.com IIT Madras  
68 Anup Vasudevan sidepro.anup@gmail.com IIT Madras  
69 C Deepak cdeepak88@gmail.com IIT Madras  
70 Manoj Bharadwaj T manoj.bharadwaj@gmail.com; manoj@beroe-inc.com Beroe-Inc, Chennai  
71 Dhrubajyoti Mukherjee dhrubajyoti.mukherjee@gmail.com IIT Madras  
72 Achal Jain achaljai@gmail.com IIT Madras  
73 Kulasekharan sekarannk@gmail.com IIT Madras http:\\sekarannk.googlepages.com
74 Thirumalai.R thirumalairaja@gmail.com IIT Madras http://blogthiru.blogspot.com/
75 Arjun A. K. aeroarjun@gmail.com IIT Madras  
76 Sourabh Verma sourabh.iitm@gmail.com IIT Madras  
77 A.G.Sagaya Raj gsagayaraj@gmail.com IIT Madras  
78 Shruti Srivastava shrutiitm@gmail.com IIT Madras  
79 Ninad Paranjape ninad_paranjape@yahoo.co.in IIT Madras  
80 Srikanth Goenka srikanth.goenka@gmail.com IIT Madras  
81 Sirisha Kurada sirisha.kurada@gmail.com IIT Madras  
82 Nimit Nigania nimitnigania@gmail.com iit-madras  
83 M S Hakkapakki  mshakkapakki@gmail.com  IIT Madras   
84 Rakesh Ramakrishnan rax.iit@gmail.com IIT Madras  
85 Rakshit  agarwalblue@gmail.com  IIT Madras   
86 saroj kumar soren sksoren@rediffmail.com IIT Madras  
87 Nilakshi Das nilakshi_das@ymail.com    
88 Deepali Kumari  deepali.kumari@tcs.com  TATA Consultancy Services   
89 Santhosh Kumar santhu.emmadi@gmail.com IIT Madras  
90 J.Vidhyasagar paul.vidhyasagar@gmail.com IIT Madras  
91 Midhun S salim.midhun@gmail.com IIT Madras  
92 Sanket Navale nsanketnavale@gmail.com IIT Madras  
93 Govinda Balan K govindabalan@gmail.com IIT Madras  
94 Amith JM amithjm@gmail.com IIT Madras  
95 Ravi Agarwal ravig2205@gmail.com IIT Madras  
96 Aravinth S aravinth.iitm@gmail.com IIT Madras  
97 Nitin Chaudhary nitin.chaudharyiitian@gmail.com IIT Madras  
98 Ramki Krishnan ramki.krishnan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
99 Krishna Karthik K karthikmostwanted@gmail.com IIT Madras  
100 jeevak m patil jeemili@yahoo.com ICFAI Business School (IBS)  
101 Poornima Rao bpoornirao@yahoo.com Wipro Technologies  
102 B. Senthil senthilbv@gmail.com IITM  
103 Hema Malini hema11156@yahoo.com CEG, Anna University  
104 Muthu Kumar kumar9688@gmail.com CEG,Anna University  
105 Rajan C kalamburrajan@gmail.com Freelancer Freelancer
106 Shreyas Rangan rshreyas28@gmail.com IIT Madras  
107 Lohit Vankina lohit.vankina@gmail.com IIT Madras  
108 Varun Joshi v9joshi@gmail.com IIT Madras  
109 Arun balaji vm resoster@gmail.com Orbixware  
110 Varun Joshi v9joshi@gmail.com IIT Madras  
111 Varun Gupta varun@indiakhelo.com IIT Madras  
112 Ashish Kumar ashish4roses@yahoo.com Dr.MGR UNIVERSITY  
113 Karthik Krishnan   karthikrvk@hotmail.com       
114 Akhilesh Koppineni akhileshkoppineni@gmail.com  IIT Madras  
115 Sakthivel kpsakthivel@gmail.com HCL Technologies www.sakthiweblog.blogspot.com
116 Kumaravel gpkumaravel@gmail.com HCL Technologies  
117 Benita Sharma  benita.sharma@wipro.com  Wipro Infotech   
118 Karthikeyan A karthikeyan_a@maargasystems.com Maarga Systems Pvt Ltd  
119 R.G.Kumar barcamper.chennai@gmail.com XYZ Pvt Ltd.  
120 sara saravan48@hotmail.com XYZ pvt ltd  
121 Jansi jansi.rani@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
122 Joelson joelsonroy@gmail.com CTS  
123 V Mohan Srinivasan mohan.sri@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
124 Jerold jerold.wilson@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
125 Johnson devasahayajohnson@yahoo.co.in HCL BPO  
126 Divakar divakar.gnanasekaran@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
127 Shanmugapriya Munirathinam  shanmugapriya.munirathinam@wipro.com  Wipro Technologies   
128 Dhasarath Singh Dhasarath.Singh@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
129 Naseem Shaik naseema.shaik1@wipro.com Wipro Technolog  
130 Mohammed Arafath arafath.sheik@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
131 Ajay Chaudhary   ajay.chaudhary@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
132 Ganesh MR ganesh.murugappan@wipro.com    
135 Balaji jaganath balajijaganath.klb@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
136 Rashmi M rashmi.eedd@gmail.com IIT  Madras  
137 Kumar Gautam kumar.gautam@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
138 Girish Mahadevan girish.mahadevan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies girishmahadevan.blogspot.com
139 Prabhakaran Kuthalingam prabhakaran.kuthalingam@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
140 Ankit Ashok ankit.ashok@gmail.com IIT Madras www.ankitsup.blogspot.com
141 Ashok Patsamatla 9.ashok@gmail.com IIT Madras  
142 Vaibhav Barnwal vaibhav.baranwal@gmail.com IITMadras http://www.linkedin.com/in/vaibhavbarnwal
143 Vidhya Vani Narasimhamurthy vidhya_vani@yahoo.co.in Wipro Technologies  
144 Balaji Raghavendran balaji.ragavendran@gmail.com IBM  
145 Kasi kasiviswanathan.ramanathan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
146 Balram S balrams@gmail.com IIT Madras  
147 Aneesh Bangia       idea.aneesh@gmail.com IIT Madras  
148 Ashok kumar ashokforever2005@gmail.com Thomson Reuters Corp., Chennai  
149 Aditya Shankar iitm.adityashankar@gmail.com IIT Madras  
150 Rafiulla Khan rafiulla.khan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
151 Rajiv J Philip rajiv.philip@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
152 K Giri iamgirikrish@gmail.com IIT Madras  
153 Hrishikesh Ranjalkar hrishikeshranjalkar@gmail.com IIT Madras  
154 Deepak P mikoto.deepak@gmail.com CEG,Anna University www.boyfromerode.blogspot.com
155 Senthil Kumar K K senthil.dexter@gmail.com CEG,Anna University  
156 Karthikeyan A R karthikeyan.rajarathinam@gmail.com IIT Madras karthikeyan.rajarathinam.googlepages.com
157 M.Prasad venkata.manoharan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
158 G.Meenakshi meena.gaja@gmail.com Student  
159 N.Sai Pushpak saipushpak.n@gmail.com IIT Madras  
160 Shubhangi Wakodikar sswakodikar@yahoo.com Wipro Technologies  
161 Anand K Mallik say2annu@gmail.com Wipro Technologies http://anandmallik.blogspot.com/
162 Harisha harisha.valluri@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
163 Venu venu.aluri@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
164 Tharani Jayapal tharani.jayapal@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
165 Srivathsa Bhat ph08m006@smail.iitm.ac.in IIT Madras  
166 Muruges muruges.mu@gmail.com Wipro Tech http://porunaii.blogspot.com
167 Radhadevi radha555.v@gmail.com L & T Infotech  
168 Lakshmi Sudharshan lakshmi.sudharshan@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
169 Visvanathan vishur1981@gmail.com Ford  
170 Ravishankar biotechnologist20@gmail.com Bio  
171 Vyas kaushik vyas.p.k@gmail.com IIT Madras  
172 Satheesh kumar human_flag@yahoo.com IIT Madras  
173 Christopher christopher.kanagaraj@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
174 Srideepa srideepa.kumar@wipro.com Wipro Technologies



175 celina mariadass celina.m93@wipro.com Wipro Technologies  
176 KLS Shankar shankarkls@gmail.com IIT Madras  
177 S.Pranav Kumar praeinstein@gmail.com IIT Madras



178 Sreenivaasan.G ceeeni@gmail.com Rajalakshmi Engg College  
179 Vijaygopal R vijay@translucentgroup.com Translucent Group www.translucentgroup.com
180 Srinivas R   Wipro Technologies  
181 Manonmani   Wipro Technlogies  
182 Darpan Kumar darpan114@rediffmail.com Dr. MGR UNIVERSITY  
183 Jai Shanker Prasad Tiwari jaishanker17@yahoo.com Dr. MGR UNIVERSITY  
184 Y Krishna Kartik kartik.safee@gmail.com IIT Madras  
185 Varun Khandelwal kwl.varun@gmail.com Great Lakes Institute of Management  
186 Ayesha Sultana touchinayesha@gmail.com Great Lakes Institute of Management  
187 Adhiraj Adhiraj Jambekar [adhiraj.jambekar@greatlakes.edu.in] Great Lakes Institute of Management  
188 Lakshmi Vaidyanathan v[first name] AT gmail Rural Technology and Business Incubator, IIT Madras  
189 Akram Khan akram.khan@greatlakes.edu.in Great Lakes Institute of Management  
190 Karthikeyan Dhanabalan karthikeyan.dhanabalan@greatlakes.edu.in Great Lakes Institute of Management  
191 Shobhit bansal shobhit.bansal@gmail.com IITM  
192 Mohit Khatri mohit.khatri@greatlakes.edu.in Great Lakes Institute of Management  
193 Ravi Kumar ravikumar.sahay@igate.com iGate Global Solutions Ltd, Chennai  
194 R.Gomathi Nayakam gomathi.nayakam@wipro.com Wipro Consulting Services  
195 Latha G. lathanayakam@yahoo.com


196 Kavya Menon menonsinna@gmail.com IIT Madras  
197 LakshmiBharathi lakshmi.dasari1@wipro.com Wipro Technologies Ltd.  
198 Gokulram.T gokul.teekaraman@wipro.com Wipro Technologies Ltd.  
199 Sudha M sudha.mani@wipro.com Wipro Technologies Ltd  



Srinath. R. srinath.rajaram@gmail.com Mastek  
201 Rupak Nagarajan rupak@kpmg.com KPMG  
202 Nilesh Mishra caauvery@gmail.com IIT Madras  
203 Rituparna Pratihar rituparna.pratihar@wipro.com Wipro  
204 Bharath Ram V bharathramv@kpmg.com KPMG  
205 Ramesh Vellingiri ramesh.vellingiri@greatlakes.edu.in Great Lakes Institute of Management




206 Prasidh S prasidh41@yahoo.co.in MSEC  
207 Karthikayan.K  karthikeyan@titan.co.in  Titan Industries Ltd,Jewellery Division,  
208 Mr.AyyanKumar  vijayakumart@titan.co.in Titan Industries Ltd,Jewellery Division,  
209 Jegan vijayakumart@titan.co.in Titan Industries Ltd,Jewellery Division,  
210 Senthil Kumar K


Titan Industries Ltd,Jewellery Division,  
211 Ramanathan.V jewindeng@titan.co.in Titan Industries Ltd,Jewellery Division,  
212 Gani.I gani@titan.co.in Titan Industries Ltd,Jewellery Division,  
213 Harsh S. Dhankani harshsdhankani@gmail.com IITM  
214 Rajan kumar Bhaskar bhaskarbabu@yahoo.com Dr. MGR UNIVERSITY  
215 A Vignesh avdemastro@gmail.com CEG, Anna University  
216 S Srinivasan srinivasan@translucentgroup.com Translucent technologies  
217 Mark mark.vivek15@gmail.com RMK  
218 Vinothraj vinoth.vinni@gmail.com CEG, Anna University  
219 Ujval neotiaujval@gmail.com Mahindra Satyam  
220 Janani p_janani_1988@yahoo.co.in CEG, Anna University  
221 Divya p_janani_1988@yahoo.co.in CEG, Anna University  
222 Andrush prakash.ac05@gamil.com CEG, Anna university  
223 Vijendran prakash.ac05@gamil.com CEG, Anna university  
224 MahaLakshmi C akila_jayakumar@yahoo.co.nz CEG, Anna University  
225 Kannanvikas G kannanvikas@gmx.com CEG,Anna University  
226 Sobin C C sobincc@gmail.com IIT Madras  
227 R Nagendran rnagendran@gmail.com CES, Anna University  
228 Lakshmi Priya aki_jk88@yahoo.com CEG, Anna University  
229 Anusha V anushawe@gmail.com Stella Maris  
230 Bhavna Thyagarajan innocent.devil.bhav@gmail.com SRM university    
231 Nagaprasad V nagaprasad27@gmail.com IIT Madras www.scienceintelugu.blogspot.com  
232 P Vikram kumar vikram2036@gmail.com IIT Madras www.telugusamiti.blogspot.com  
233  Vigneshwaran B  vigneshwaranb@kpmg.com  KPMG  www.in.kpmg.com  
234  Aravind Padmaraju  aravind.padmaraju@wipro.com  Wipro Technologies    


Note: Keep the cursor in last cell and press TAB to add a row in the above table



Add your name and the topic of your talk here. The talk doesn't need ppt support and an informal one would preferred.

S No. Name Topic of Talk Mail ID Institution
1. Pavan Soni Call for Green Evangelists pavan.soni@wipro.com Wipro Technologies
2. Vaidhy Democraticing Change vaidhy AT loonys DOT net Serendio
3.  Swaminathan  Alternate fuels from waste krisswaminathan@gmail.com  Vijay Enviro 







How green is Green?





NIIT Technologies Ltd.




6 Ravi Kumar Stopping the plastic menace : Alternatives to Plastic Ravi.kamma@wipro.com

Wipro Technologies

7 Jeevak Patil Bio-degradable Packing Materials jeemili@yahoo.com ICFAI Buiseness School



About WiCamp

WiCamp is an un-conference where practitioners and enthusiasts meet and share their perspectives on the subject of Innovation and Creativity. The participants (aka Campers) as well the speakers are self nominated through this wiki. Though the theme is around Green Innovations, there's isn't any set agenda.


Who are the campers

Campers at the WiCamp are typically:

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs (Start-ups)
  • Venture Capitalists/ Angel Investors
  • Researchers
  • Faculty 
  • Students
  • Govt. Employees
  • House makers
  • Politicians

... almost anybody who has a genuine interest in the field of Innovation and Creativity.


What are the takeaways

Of the several things that one tends to gain from, the salient takeaways include:

  • Learning from the frontiers of innovation 'As Practiced'
  • A platform to share your experiments on innovation and garner ideas and critique
  • Socializing with like minded people