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The event is over, heres the summary. http://pavan7soni.googlepages.com/NotesforWiCampPune.htm



Theme: From Ideas to Dollars


Date: Friday, May 30, 2008


Venue: Wipro Technologies, Pune




About WiCamp


WiCamp which stands for Wipro’s Innovation Camp is inspired by the silicon-valley styled BarCamps which are un-conference like meetings. Here like minded people come over and share their learning on a topic of mutual interest through presentation, demos, videos, etc.



WiCamp Summary

Pune edition of WiCamp (pronounced as ‘we-camp’) saw one of the most unique confluences of thinkers and practitioners from across the industry, intellectualizing on innovation and creativity. The theme was: “Ideas to Market”. With over 110 campers from Wipro and beyond, there were some 8 presentations, of which only 2 used a ppt. a sure far cry from the usual conferences. Some of the participating campers came in from Mahindra and Mahindra, Titan Industries, Nevis Networks, IIT Bombay, IIM Calcutta, Karnik Consultants, IT Vidya, RangDe, Entrip, Delta Technologies, Symbiosis Institute of Technologies, and Wipro Technologies, among others. And how can we mince a plethora of start-ups and some seasoned entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom with the campers.


Here are the notes from the Pune edition of WiCamp. As you go through there, you would corroborate with me that it was a treat for those who attended and a sheer disappointment for those who couldn’t. Do share your comments on innovation.wipro@wipro.com.


Wipro Way

The WiCamp was kick started by one of the most enthusiastic and passionate campers- Mayur Mehta. Mayur, in his own freewheeling and fearless style depicted his experience with ideas and their implementation. He started with the ‘Spirit of Wipro’ poster on the wall, and mentioned that how each of these six tenets of the spirit, if followed makes a good recipe for innovator. He argued that empty minds can’t ideate. He further suggest that there aught to be a purpose for ideation as well one should store ideas when arrived with. This was indeed a very thought provoking talk by this young lad, and a good and energetic start to the WiCamp.


Don’t be a typist: Do Something Real Scientific/ Engineering Work

Arguably the oldest (70+) camper at the WiCamp, Ravi Karnik, the founder of Karnik Consultants was unarguably the most impressive speaker of the WiCamp. In his slap-stick fashion, Ravi minced no words in declaring the demise of Indian software industry calling them as highly paid typist. Impressing upon the point that the sustainability of country at large would depend much upon the scientific and engineering related work that our youths today pursue. On the lighter side, he went all rebellious to the MBA community. An extremely well received talk and equally inspiring for all the young campers who have zeal to do something different, but are stuck somewhere. Do get in touch with this inspiring boy.


Titan Way of Innovation

With over 100 bright thinkers camping before you, what would you chose to do? Share your achievements and ask for questions! Or share your problems and ask for solutions! Titan, a leader in fashion merchandize industry, followed the latter. Sudhevan, a veteran at the firm shared the InnovEdge as a model of introducing innovative product into their business lines. The challenge he highlighted was: How best to transfer the ownership of a new product from InnovEdge to the New Product Development (NPD) department that would intern take it to the production and into the market. Suggestion flowed in as: InnovEdge should be a part of NPD than being a separate entity; innovation must not be limited to InnovEdge; incentive to the field force to sell innovative new products; and also infusing the culture of innovation at the firm. Have you any solutions, please do share.


Making low cost microcredit a reality!

Started by Ram and Smita, Rang De’s mission is to make microcredit accessible to all by lowering interest rates by doing things differently. Rang De has created a sustainable alternative to charity by promoting online lending as a way of life. Some of the real innovations here are: each Social Investor invests as little as Rs. 1000 which gets disbursed to borrowers within a 30 days time, and who repays these loans at an interest rate of 3.5%. Oozing with enthusiasm and driven by a commitment, Ram and Smita took the audience through a very vivid experience full of emotions and cause. Let’s share the color of life.


The Two Sides of Innovation

Here was a contrast between a budding entrepreneur and a seasoned one (you may clearly make out). Antony the co-founder of Entrip, shared his experience as to how his passion turned into a start-up and how enthusiasm had kept them afloat till such time. As an antidote and a real eye-opener, Amit Gupta, currently the country head of sales at Nevis Networks, shared a fascinating journey of his through a start-up. What he shared was different owing to the fact that, it didn’t succeed! As Amit said, passion is not sufficient for innovation. An innovation requires: A business model. He went ahead in depicting that a successful start-up requires: a business plan; leadership with controlling stake; and clearly articulated roles and responsibilities. He also highlighted that how crucial it is for a start-up to manage the distribution of equity and one such suggestion is to offer equity against money. A real good one!


Reach Out: Employee Communication at Mahindra

Vision and mission are of least value, unless experienced and practiced. Driven by this cause, the Farm Equipment Sector (FES) of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. Experimented with the employee communication program named ‘Reach Out’. Don Lewis, a part of the Shadow Board at M&M FES, took the audience through this experiment which is in its third year of running and touching over 6,000 employees every quarter. Reach Out looks like this: employees write suggestive e-mails across to senior management on an ongoing basis, these e-mails gets collated and themed around various areas, with task forces formed around these initiatives, senior management meets every quarter briefing and discussion on progresses of these themes. Recording of these sessions are then shared through CDs to the length and breadth of FES within days of the session. This ensures the loop is closed and employees remained informed of their suggestions made then. Reach Out bagged an innovation award pertaining to its uniqueness.


There are these and many other questions that remained unanswered at the WiCamp. Do share your comments and suggestion at innovation.wipro@wipro.com.

Further also let us know how we can continue this journey. Do keep tuned to WiCamp