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Continuing the Barcamp tradition, we're embarking on a slightly more ambitious project for spring 2006...


The WineCamp wiki is moving~!


Due to the success of WineCampCalaveras, we're hosting a whole new WineCamp Wiki to keep track of all the future WineCamps (e.g. France, Niagara, South Africa?). Help us out! Fix it like the BarCamp wiki! Organize your own! It's a recipe for a great time!


WineCamp logo


Announcing WineCamp!


An ad-hoc gathering that brings together the best of the old world and the new... wine, non-profits and geeks!


Information for attendees



    • NOTE: Information is available in the PDF, and at the official WineCamp site. Registration is mandatory; the cost is $60 for the weekend with discounts available. (cost is to cover food)>Super MarioWho: How about this: we're not going to host just the regular Bar Camp crowd -- no, we're also going to invite a bunch of interested and proactive non-profits to mix it up in order to explore how the new wave of social apps that are all so near and dear to us can help bring about an evolution in the tools that non-profits use. And ideally, many of these will be or become open source...! What: Bar Camp goes upscale! Wine, wifi, good food and a bon fire. What more can you ask for? Where: This event will take place at the Ferriere vineyard in the Sierra foothills... Old Airola Road, Coyote Ridge Peninsula, between Murphy's and Columbia in Calaveras County. When: Late Spring, May 26-28 2006, from Friday to Sunday. Designed to precede the NetSquared Gala event. You can CHECK OUT the WineCampers list but make certain you register at the official site'winecamp'**



This wiki is primarily being used for the WineCampRideShare board, as well as the WineCampIneedIgot board (formerly needs and supplies). The rest of this page is a legacy planning docs. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet




The details




We're already working with the preeminent tech provider in the non-profit world, CompuMentor, to reach out and connect with folks ready for something new. It's time to meet up directly and make the connection between Bar Camp, open source and the non-profit community.Global Link Networks





...Well, there is one more thing. The WineCampFundraiser! Imagine buying excellent wine for yourself and having part of the proceeds being put towards a program that encourages underprivileged students to get into open source. Sound good? Details (and how to get involved) coming soon!Blog Topsite




Ferriere Vineyard


Getting there:






Needs and supplies


We have some basic but essential needs for WineCamp. If you can bring anything (on this list or not) jot your name and what you're bringing down so that we know what to expect!


Squishy goods


  • Presenters!
  • Organizing talent!
  • Website design!


Edible things


  • Food!


Supplies and provisions


  • Fire wood!
  • Three circus tents! -- Andrew Ferriere - need more!
  • Wifi (for Day 2)! -- Pascale from France Telecom is working on it -- anyone got ideas?
  • Tents! -- Andrew Crow, who else?
  • -A store to process wine sales/donations- (?)! mollyguard! - ChrisMessina


  • And tons more that I can't think of right now...! Got an idea? Add it!


I'll be bringing...

sermons on revival

hgh supplement reviews

christian dating









...generous support





We might have to limit attendence to roughly 100... so we'll watch this list grow and if we near that number, we'll have to start figuring out a fair mechanism to make sure we get a good mix of nonprofits and traditional BarCampers!


  • Want to attend?







Information for the Region




Who's writing about this? (use the tag )





What's next?




Contact us


As always, hit us up at barcamp@gmail.com for questions, ideas or good karma.