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The WineCamp FAQ (v.08)!


Where do I get more information?

The primary static sources of information are



If you have questions or want to help with the organizing, you can join the WineCamp Google List


Or send questions to:



The WineCampRideShare page (which also hosts the Room Sharing info)


The WineCampIneedIgot page, where you can offer or request things like sleeping bags, tents, etc.


What is the vineyard like? What will camping be like?

On Friday evening and all day Saturday, we will be on a vineyard - i.e. a piece of farmland that grows grapes, not a parking lot with a tasting room and grape-themed pot-holders for sale.


There are no buildings on this land; the camping will be in a clearing near the vines. We will have a basic infrastructure: porta-potties, outdoor kitchen; some tables and chairs for people who need them. We will have large shade tents, but expect to be outdoors pretty much the entire time. If you want to shower, you will need to bring a SunShower or similar device - or book a hotel.... (See also What should I bring - if I'm camping)


On Sunday, we will be car-pooling to another vineyard with an actual tasting room. We will have inside/ outside options, wireless, real bathrooms, and catered breakfast and sandwiches. (You will not be able to shower at this location!)


We will not hold it against you if you decide you would prefer the comforts of a nearby hotel. As long as you don't hold it against us that we may have showered come Sunday. ;-)


Will there be bathrooms? Showers?

At the Friday and Saturday vineyard site, there is no permanent infrastructure. We will be renting porta-potties; however, there will be no shower facilities unless you bring a camping shower.


I signed up to be a volunteer - what will I be doing?

Unless you specifically signed-up to help beforehand, you'll only be assigned a task when you get there - likely helping cook, or helping wash dishes. Also, it's never too late to check the WineCampIneedIgot board to see if there are things you can offer or bring to the camp.


If you signed up to be an uber-volunteer, you might get pulled aside to do various things while others are "meeting" - making an emergency trip to Murhpys, taking WineKids on a mini-hike, setting up a group tent if the weather turns bad, etc.


Where the hell is this event? Why can't I find it on any map?

Since this is on a piece of farmland, we don't have a street address.


The driving directions are on the map PDF


For distance and direction purposes, use this intersection, which is less than a mile away:

Parrotts Ferry Road and Moaning Cave Road

Murphys, CA 95247


Where can I find lodging?

Lodging in Murphy's (5 miles away)



Lodging in Angel's Camp (6 miles away)



Are there any lodging deals?

At this date, there are no lodging deals through WineCamp. If you want to reduce your cost of lodging, you can either camp at the vineyard, camp at a nearby campsite, or share a room.


Nearby camping

You can use the intersection address above to determine how far away these campsites are.


Room sharing: Add your name to the WineCampRideShare wiki page.


Is this a family affair? Can we bring kids? Will there be childcare?

This is a family-friendly event; you can bring children. If you have an infant or toddler, only you can determine how easy or not it will be to attend the event given that responsibility. Nonetheless, the WineCampers are child-friendly, and will attempt to organize a modest level of childcare and child-friendly events. Please note that there may be dogs at WineCamp.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed. They must be dog and child friendly as there may be other dogs and children there. Please note that the dogs should be under voice control or leash while among the WineCampers, and that you are responsible for keeping your dog hydrated and protected from the sun. If any other WineCampers are dog averse or allergic, it is the dog-owners responsibility to keep your dog away from these folks.


Who’s behind this?

A few crazy and dedicated people, with a larger circle of friendly supporters. The few and crazy are Factory Joe and Miss Rogue, with the generous participation of Andrew Ferriere. The larger circle of supporters includes tech orgs like Riya, Flock, France Telecom, and birds-of-a-feather tech-and-nonprofit folks like CompuMentor - and you all....


What should I bring (if I’m camping?)

Label all your gear! In these instances, people might share a lot, and you want to get your stuff back!


Highly recommended-

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad / mattress
  • Pillow
  • Earplugs (if you want to go to sleep early, or sleep in)
  • Water containers (like Nalgenes)
  • A sun hat/ sunscreen/ sunglasses AND rain gear - you want to be prepared
  • Toilet paper (just in case)


Good options -

  • Cooking gear - to either make your own coffee and grub, or to share with the kitchen
  • Camping / folding chairs
  • Camping / folding table
  • Your own (labeled) coffee mug / plate / knife and fork
  • All purpose knife/ tool
  • Musical instruments


Where can I get a: tent / sleeping bag / a ride/ a room-share?

You can ask for and/or offer any of these at the two WineCamp wiki pages:

The WineCampRideShare page (which also hosts the Room Sharing info)


The WineCampIneedIgot page, where you can offer or request things like sleeping bags, tents, etc.