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Page history last edited by Eteene Druin 7 years, 3 months ago

                              The official motto of BarCamp Ethiopia 2011 is

                           “YOUR KNOWLEDGE | YOUR COMMUNITY “



Barcamp Ethiopia 2011 is the second large Barcamp to be organized in Ethiopia, the follow-up to last years successful Barcamp at EiABC in Addis.
A Barcamp is a sort of "unconference" (BAR= "Beyond All Recognition"): It is organized and administered not by an institution or a company, but by an open community of interested individuals. It has no pre-structured program - everything is planned and coordinated through a web-based public Wiki (the page you are visiting right now) and other online tools where anyone can post ideas and participate actively through collaboration. So far, over 400 Barcamps have been held all over the world with different thematic focus, also in several other African countries, but until last year, never before in Ethiopia.

The planning and preparation of Barcamp Ethiopia will be coordinated through this wiki-page and the "BarCamp Ethiopia" group in the NING-Platform "eLearning Ethiopia": http://elearningethiopia.ning.com/group/barcampethiopia and Barcamp Ethiopia Facebook Group


Event details

When: September 23 and 24 2011

Opening Party: September 22

Where:  AAiT, Addis Ababa (ammist kilo, opposite to National Museum)

DOWNLOAD THE LATEST BROCHURE: barcampethiopia 2011 flyer

Official BarCamp Ethiopia Blog: http://barcampethiopia.wordpress.com


Where to stay in Addis?

Visa Issues:

If you need invitation letter for visa or sponsorship, please contact the planners below or post it at eLearningEthiopia forum.


The current official sponsors for Barcamp Ethiopia are:

> Read all details that are relevant for sponsors and sponsoring: Sponsor Information here !





Thursday 22nd Sept./Evening: Inaugural party 

Friday 23rd Sept. 
Saturday 24th Sept. 
Sunday 25th Sept. (Barcamp tour)
09:00 Introduction & establishment of session-schedule 09:00 Review of first day's results & impressions 8:30 Visiting the AAU main campus museum (Sidist kilo)
09:30 Coffee 09:30 Coffee 10:00 Travel to Entoto (mountain) and planting trees
10:00 1st round of sessions 10:00 6th round of sessions 12:00 end of the program
11:00 2nd round of sessions 11:00 7th round of sessions  
12:00 Lunch 12:00 Lunch  
14:00 3rd round of sessions 14:00 8th round of sessions  
15:00 4th round of sessions 15:00 9th round of sessions  
16:00 Coffee 16:00 Coffee  
16:30 5th round of sessions 16:30 10th round of sessions  
17:30 Closing 17:30 Closing  
18:00 Dinner 18:00 Dinner  
Evening/Party  Evening/Party  


Sunday 25th of September: / Morning - Planting tree 


Tips for session hosts here !


- Tele-Health in Ethiopia  - Getachew Endris

- How to bring about developmental revolution /evolution to Ethiopia through IT and education - Samuel Hailemariam

- Travel the world for free: Couchsurfing - Markos

- Adaptive technology for the blind - Rufael Tesfaye

- The importance of active tech community - Markos


- Luckhunters: "The Luck Hunters": a reality TV program about two guys from Mendoza, Argentina, who travel around the world, promoting their products: MTB wine and the rock-opera "El Futre", and how Ethiopian entrepreneurs can play a role in the development of this program. -  Mike Barrow


- Crowdfunding, a method for financing creative projects & startups - Ilaria & jörn

Google + / Opportunities for developers/techies with Google - Google (Divon, Nemo, Solomon )

Android Development  (Divon, Nemo, Solomon )

Localization Amharic and technology  (Divon, Nemo, Solomon )

- Women in media (Beate) 

- Enterpeneurship (Beza)

- Mind stuff - Yofthae  

- The impact of poronography - Fahmi 

- Movies - Girum 

- Cartoon: Yemiserach

- Rights of domestic violence in Ethiopia - Blen 

- Using smartphones to improve maternal health - Alex & Florida

- Hot Trends in Tech (the cloud, cyber security, mobile computing, FOSS) - Naod

- Views on ICT Education in Ethiopia - Naod  

- The Internet and You - social networking, blogging, content discovery and more (Naod) 

- What my art talk about? - (Mulugeta) 

- localization of open library system sofware (tekelemariam)

- major events in the last decade (abel)

- Your Sexual Health - (Seble)

- Localization of Content Management Systems. Standardized translations for Typo3 and other CMS like Joomla. Amharic content as a new approach for modern website design.  (Mikias)

Psycho-cybernetics, Da vinchian wisdoms and practices, Meditation and Positive thinking (Soheib)

- Protected areas (Ameset)

- New Media in Education (oliver)

- Artificial Intellegence, Nanotechnology and Time machine (Leul)

- The Green Club (Abraham)




Planners represent the core team of organizers.


Volunteers are ready and willing to help out with specific tasks for the preparation of the Barcamp.

  • Abel Asrat  
  • Fistum 
  • Alem Assefa


> Task list here !

Planners & volunteers, please sign up for one or more tasks! 

Participants (aka Campers)

Participants attend and take active part in the event on the 23-24. September (Tentative)


Name  Blog/Website  Topic  Interests Comments 
Biruh Misganaw  http://elearningethiopia.ning.com/profile/BiruhMisganaw eLearning  Improving women's participation in higher educational institutes in Africa   
Rufael Tesfaye  http://elearningethiopia.ning.com/profile/RufaelTesfaye  IT for the Blind   Adaptive Technology for the Blind   
Elias      drug abuse among the youth   philantrophy    
Abel Asrat    
empowering the student   activist for student right   
Mahider kebede     the culture of  giving back  philantrophy   
Hermela     the road to a drop of water      
Jörn Schultz      Open innovation, eLearning, online communities  
Alex Little
Thin client technology, Amharic virtual keyboard, mobile health apps and data collection, elearning training
Develop young entrepreneurs looking for a positive impact in the society
The Green Club
Greening and playground construction
Biruh Misganaw  http://elearningethiopia.ning.com/profile/BiruhMisganaw   Light Talk  Open Discussion   
Digital Opportunity Trust  http://ethiopia.dotrust.org  Enterpreneurship    
Digital Opportunity Trust
http://ethiopia.dotrust.org   Carrier Development     


Registered Participants (updates regularly)




Stats (powered by Google)




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Who's blogging?

To know more: Some articles about what a Barcamp can be:



SAFETY TRAINING FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKERS:MALAYSIAN EXPERIENCE Improving women's participation in higher educational institutes in Ethiopia