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Page history last edited by BarcampZimbabwe 12 years, 5 months ago

                       The official motto of BarCamp Zimbabwe 2011 is:  

             “Technology & Entrepreneurship: We Are Stronger Together“



BarCamp Zimbabwe was held on 03 August 2011. This wiki page and the BarCamp Zimbabwe site were used to organise the event. Thank you to everyone that made BarCampZim a success!


The event is a networking and knowledge sharing event to bring tech and tech entreprenuers (and anybody else interested) together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue about tech issues in Zimbabwe and beyond. It will consist of user-generated sessions and discussions. BarCamp Zimbabwe will take place on August 3, 2011 at the KEG & Maiden Public House (Harare Sports Club). The theme is “Technology and Entrepnuership: We Are Stronger Together”. BarCamp Zimbabwe is a FREE event for anyone who is interested in using their skills, talent, and resources to benefit Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. 


A Barcamp is an "unconference" meaning that it's orgasnised by an open community of interested individuals. As opposed to normal conferences, it is not organized and administered by an organization or a company. The planning and preparation of BarCamp Zimbabwe will be coordinated through this wiki-page and the "BarCamp Zimbabwe" group on Facebook. Final details of the event are also available on a website created for the event, www.barcamp.co.zw

The BarCamp Zimbabwe Twitter Account is @BarCampZim

Event details

When: August 3 2011

Where:  KEG & Maiden (at Harare Sports Club)

Confirming attendance!: To confirm attendance, please visit BarCamp Zimbabwe event page

 You need to confirm attendance so we plan with an accurate number of attendees. If you have any problems signing up, please don;t hesitate to send the organisers an email on barcampzim@gmail.com.   



Platinum Sponsor


Gold Sponsors


Silver Sponsors

The BarCamp Zimbabwe Team is reaching out to members within the Zimbabwean ICT Community for support. BarCamps are, by definition, free to attendees. We use sponsorships to fund the event venue, internet connectivity, food, and other miscellaneous supplies. We also do accept in-kind sponsorships. If you have access to supplies that BarCamp needs, that we would have to otherwise use valuable resources for, please contact us.


The following packages are available for Sponsors:

Platinum (US $2,000)

  • Multiple Prominent Logo/Banner’s placement displayed at the event floor and walls
  • Logo appears on its own slide during pre-show and breaks.
  • Logo Placement on Website and Facebook Group.
  • Mention in article on the internet and press in Zimbabwe before and after event. 
  • Opportunity for presentation and opening/closing speech at event.


Gold (US $1,000)

  • 2 Logo/Banner’s placement displayed at the event floor
  • Prominent Logo placement along with other gold sponsors on slide during pre-show and breaks.
  • Logo Placement on Website and Facebook Group.
  • Mention in article on the internet and press in Zimbabwe before and after event. 


Silver (below US$500)

  • 1 Logo/Banner placement displayed at the event floor
  • Logo appears along with other Silver sponsors during pre-show and breaks.
  • Logo Placement on Website and Facebook Group.
  • Mention in article on the internet and press in Zimbabwe before and after event. 


Sponsors are welcome to contact the Facebook group adminstrators or email the organisers on barcampzim@gmail.com



So far the following topics will be presented/discussed:

  • A discussion of Problems & possible solutions tech entrepreneurs face in Zim
  • The opportunities high mobile penetration affords to start-ups
  • Tools of trade for mobile developers (presentation of development tools, open source ones and commercial, pros & cons etc...)
  • How open source software can be used to effect social & economic change in Zim.
  • Ideas session (Individuals or groups present projects (ideas) to solicit feedback, interest, participation etc...)
  • Promoting tech innovation in Zimbabwe

For the BarCamp to be as collaborative as possible please suggest any other topics that you (or other individuals) would like to present and discuss. The topics will be collected and selected for presentation at the conference. Every attendee is encouraged to present topics in sessions and to otherwise participate actively.

Sessions will run over 1 day. Moderators will  selected as responsible for each session. The moderators/session hosts can present previously prepared materials such as slides, images, software, etc., or allow someone else to present or explain something, but our basic rule is that anyone can and should interrupt presentations to ask questions and to discuss issues and topics as they appear.

BarCamp Zimbabwe will be characterized by an atmosphere of non-hierarchy, openness, sharing, creativity, efficiency and fun.


Tips for session hosts here !



Planners represent the core team of organizers.

  • Clinton Mutambo
  • Richwell Phinias
  • Limbikani S.K. Makani 
  • Joseph Manzungu 



To participate in the preparation of BarCamp Zimbabwe you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. This BarCamp Wiki is where we edit the information about the BarCamp that is relevant for all attendees, planners, sponsors & PR.
  • Register to the Barcamp Wiki-site: http://barcamp.org/w/page/41461898/BarCampZimbabwe 
  • Click on the "Create an Account" link on the right side of the page - Enter your name, email, and a password.
  • Check your email for the confirmation email and open the confirmation link.
  • You can now help editing the Wiki-page where we keep all information. As a first step, you might want to add your name to one of the categories "planners", or "Participants".
  • Add yourself to the BarBamp Zimbabwe Facebook Group. This is where we can post discussions about different matters, share relevant documents and send update messages to everyone.
  • Participate by entering your ideas to the Wiki and by offering to take charge of organizing certain items or to help out with specific things.
  • Have fun by getting to know other people and by working together for an exciting cause.


Task list here !

  • Creating page on Barcamp.org done
  • Creating Twitter account, Facebook Group, Eventbrite event  done 
  • Announcing to event (Email, Facebook and Twitter) and inviting people through social interaction  done
  • Announce topics on Email, Facebook Group, Twitter and invite attendees to contribute more or ofer to present on the topics  done
  • Invite entreprenuers wanting to demo their projects/ideas  done 
  • Communicate with Sponsors  done 
    • prepare separate sponsorship request emails for ISP&Telcos, embassies, Internet companies done 
  • Secure Venue (100 attendees for 1 full day 8 to midnight. Venue needs to be a free and informal venue, and not a hotel or imited freedom place) venue identified. 
  • Secure food secured, 
  • Secure Wi-Fi done
  • Have Graphics ready. (Artwork to be in Vector format at 6-8 inches wide (for t-shirts) and from that version, to hvae a web banner version and 1 or 2 _   done
  • flavors of blog badges (170 pixels wide).  done
  • Do press release (When Venue is ready and Date is fixed++)   done
  • Print T-Shirts (Make sure to get attendees T-Shirt sizes)   done


Tags for Flickr, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Please use the tag #BarCampZim for content related to this event


To know more: Some articles about what a Barcamp can be: