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BarCamp Nairobi 2010




BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.

Event details


  • June 12-13th - Merge with WhereCampAfrica for a proper 2 day event?


Somewhere in Nairobi (Suggestions on venues?)

  • Zen Gardens
  • Jacaranda Hotel
  • Strathmore University
  • ILRI - Uthiru Campus
  • Alliance Fran├žaise de Nairobi
  • iHub/iLab  <=== Would be awesome inauguration
  • Nairobi University (Main Campus)

Where to stay?


(note: it would be cool to have a real 2-day BarCamp if possible - it looks like it will be :) )




Ushahidi (confirmed)

Google (confirmed)

Development Seed (confirmed)

ESRI (confirmed)

Westcon Africa (confirmed)

ICT Board

Internet service providers


e-banking services

Local ICT companies





Day 1

  • Morning
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon
  • Dinner
  • Evening/Party

Day 2

  • etc.

Proposed Sessions

  • Map Kibera, OpenStreetMap, and Open Data -- Mikel Maron
  • Rural Internet Kiosks and Information Empowerment -- Crystal Kigoni
  • Future of tourism


(Note: I'm not a big fan of "planned" sessions at a BarCamp, it should be as open of a format as possible with no one getting special treatment, even sponsors.)


Topics I would like to hear about

  • Using my (GPS Enabled) cell phone to avoid traffic 
  • Cloud Computing Applications in Kenya
  • Business Skills for Techies
  • Rural ICT
  • ICT initiatives for youth
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web design, and why it's not as good as it should be in Kenya
  • Hardware hacking
  • Tips and tricks for internet connectivity around Nairobi
  • Merging mobile and electronic commerce concepts
  • I want voluteers to map on google the available free/paid wireless hotspots in Nairobi
  • Better & user-friendly e-commerce solutions for Kenyan websites




I will volunteer to help plan IF we can get two other SERIOUS people dedicated to planning... Crystal ;)

I'd be willing to aid in planning....Mwihoti.



  • eva kimathi (volunteer)
  • If we can't manage to get the two planners... I can volunteer... Crystal
  • Cikz (Volunteer)
  • Mark Mwangi(Planning Logistics. . . .whatever really)
  • Mutua Andrew (Volunteer Tech Support and wherever else I can chip in)
  • JOe Makeni (Photography)
  • Carol Kimari (Planning, site updates, anything else)
  • Nicholas Rukaria ( volunteer )
  • David Otieno (volunteer)
  • Tim Kamau (volunteer)
  • Kellie Murungi (Planning, logistics etc) 


Participants (aka Campers)



Name Blog or Website Topic Interests Comments
Phares Kariuki http://kaboro.wordpress.com anything web blogging, cloud computing, technology in general



Erik Hersman http://whiteafrican.com , http://ushahidi.com , http://afrigadget.com Web and Mobile web apps, blogging, mobile phone apps, hacking hardware  
Simeon Oriko



Mobile web, cloud computing Mobile Cloud Computing, social platforms I vote for March 26th
Brian Wangila

My PHP Blog and Web Development Portfolio:



Web Design, PHP Web Applications PHP Coding and web applications, Blogging, web design June 12
Anne Babcock http://blog.aidsportal.org, http://www.myaidsnexus.org, http://www.ushahidi.kanco.com mobile apps, web Rural ICT, mobile phone use for social change, mapping I vote for holding the Bar Camp on March 26th.



http://matrixster.wordpress.com E and M-Commerce Social media, clouds, money changing 26th for me
Victor Ngeny




Anything online social media, mobile banking, lots of blogging ;)  
David Kandie


Twitter: techswagga

Mobile Applications, Bluetooth;

Technology for non profits

If we can use Bluetooth to relay info on crime spots, Traffic etc  Feb 26/27 is ok
Peter Koech http://www.bluezone.co.ke Mobile Experience, Web and More Mobile Web equals Mobile and Mobile equals to Web March should be fine
Clement Ongera http://www.compskenya.com/cnongera/ Supply Chain Traceability Php, XML,RFID, Traceability and Food From March is OK  
Jude Mwenda www.africangeogeek.com Mobile,Geo web and location intelligence. blogging, anything geo amd web March is ok  
Asif Khan    http://wix.com/asifkhanr/photos   

Digital Design, Photography   

AND Jewellery Design


Graphic Design, Photography, Film, Jewellery 

Design, Social Media Related Design, Finance

& Humour!

Towards the end of March should

be fine! 

Melissa Tully Twitter: tullyme; www.melissatully.net web and mobile for social good social media, ICT for social justice/human rights  



Jubal Harpster




Spatial information for agriculture and development mapping and GIS Blend with WhereCampAfrica  
Edward Obiko



Fab-Labs Anything Tech, Gadgets, DIY, Blogsphere, Internet Marketing, Social Media. 26th March  
Njeri Wangari


Twitter: kenyanpoet 

anything online Blogsphere/citizen journalism, online activism, marketing African Arts online June 12-13





twitter: @tukayz

Web commerce,design & networking Blogging,activism,writing,tech,organizing Late May
Kennedy Nyarotho



PBX, phishing and some electronics hacks *nix tweeking, satirical writing and tinkering with technology!  
Solloh Kihara



Web and Mobile e-commerce, m-commerce, RIA's 26th March
Mwema Kerich http://www.juggernaut.co.ke Merging mobile and e-commerce concepts Web application development, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, e-marketing, and a lot of other non-tech artsy stuff Late March is good, many like the 26th so me too.
Martin Kasomo http://www.mamamikes.com E-commerce Fraud Screening  E-commerce, online payments, online security, m-commerce  
Andrew Kinai http://keen.co.ke http://lily.co.ke
Web and social media Web design, Blogging, Wordpress!!



Harriet Ocharo http://savvy.sikika.co.ke Mobile apps and mapping Blogging, tweeting, software development

I want to see i-hub.

Chanakya Mehta


Digital Identity: crm585 (Gmail, twitter, facebook)

Cell-Phone based social networking  Software development in the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship domain  
Chris LoRusso



Twitter: lorusso

Cell-Phone based social networking  Social Networking, Location based information sharing.  
Andrew Okello-Syata




High-Tech Entrepreneurship technology oriented solutions for the Bottom of the Pyramid  
Steve Garguilo (unable to attend)



Twitter: sdgarguilo

High-Tech Social Entrepreneurship economic development, emerging markets, complex technology-based problem solving, innovative system integration, high-tech entrepreneurship and international social entrepreneurship

Task List 

(please -cross out- when it's done)


  • Logo design
  • Wifi
  • Projector, White Boards,
  • Sign up sheets, stationery, 
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Streaming or Stickam or Skype
  • Advertising
  • T-shirts


  • Venue
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Tables and chairs
  • Media Coverage
  • Other Guestlist

Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag #BarcampNairobi2010 or BCN2010 for content related to this event

Who's blogging?

Phares Kariuki - http://kaboro.wordpress.com

Josiah - http://blog.josiahmugambi.com

Erik Hersman - http://www.whiteafrican.com

Simeon Oriko - http://mtotowajirani.com

Patrick Muteti - http://matrixster.wordpress.com

David Kandie - http://www.kipkanist.blogspot.com

Daudi - http://mentalacrobatics.com

Edward Obiko - http://wannabegeek.co.ke , http://afrinnovator.com

Njeri Wangari http://kenyanpoet.blogspot.com

Francis K http://kenyachristian.blogspot.com

Kellie Murungi http://www.rookie-manager.com/


My PHP Blog and Web Development Portfolio