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RecentChangesCamp Canberra 2012

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Held at the University of Canberra, ACT, Australia. A BarCamp about wikis.


The event is about wikis of all kinds, in all contexts, whether education, Gov 2.0, fan fiction, community groups, business or other.



Where and when: Jan 20-22, University of Canberra.

Cost: Free!

Catering: We're hoping to provide lunch & maybe morning tea/afternoon tea.

Sponsorship: We're looking for sponsors. Can you help this valuable event with $500? Or another amount?

Travel scholarships: Follow the link below, and get in touch with the Wikimedia Foundation - quickly, as time is running out!

Registration: Please put your name on the event wiki page at Wikiversity - where you can also find more details.



More information:


See the event wiki page at Wikiversity.