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BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.




Event details




This event will take place the day before the 5th ETSI Security Workshop - we want to take full advantage of the number of mobile phone security experts in the area at the time, so the theme of the barcamp will be 'Mobile Security'. To register for the barcamp, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link which will take you to ETSI's registration page for this event. Registration is necessary so we have an idea of numbers and so you can get into the buildings and use wireless etc.



Tuesday 19th January 2010


(registration starts at 09:30)




ETSI Einstein Building

650, route des Lucioles

06921 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex





Coffee / Tea Breaks


There are two permanent coffee areas, one upstairs and one downstairs – both are right next to the rooms we're in. There is coffee, tea, orange juice and a water fountain but no pastries or nibbles. There is a vending machine for other soft drinks and sweets if anyone is desperate for a sugar rush.




There are four possibilities, nearby:

France Telecom Restaurant – this is 2 minute walk from the Einstein building and is fairly cheap. You need to pay an entrance fee but the food is subsidised so the total cost of the buffet would be in the region of 12-15€

Sandwich van – this is on the grounds of the Einstein building and offers a good range of sandwiches, salads, hot soup, Paninis, hot dish of the day (usually pasta of some sort). A meal with a drink and desert would normally cost in the region 8€

Cafe de Sophia – this is about 5 mins walk and is a buffet – loads of choice but as its very popular it can take a long time though. Cost is around 15€ (depending on drinks)




Thanks to OMTP and the OMTP BONDI project:


                    http://www.omtp.org                                                                     http://bondi.omtp.org


Thanks to ETSI for hosting and their support:







What to bring to Camp

  • Willingness to participate: you don't have to lead a meeting, but you shouldn't be a wall flower either - get involved
  • Positive attitude: You're going to hear a lot of different ideas - come with an open mind and ears
  • Demos: got something cool you're working on? Bring it along and share it
  • Business cards: you'll be doing a lot of networking
  • Digital camera: Pictures help explain what went on at the meeting



When you register, let us know what you'd like to present or what you'd like to see presented at Camp.


Sessions people would like to hear and participate:

  • Developing mobile widgets and applications
  • Widgets
  • M-Commerce / m-payments
    • Types/variants of m-commerce?
    • NFC security issues?
  • Policing issues
  • Secure user interface

        - for m-commerce and other applications

  • Single sign-on
  • Use of OAuth
  • Smart Card Web Server
  • Mobile Security Incidents in 2009 and what to expect for 2010?
  • Security of network APIs?
  • Trusted computing hardware.... role in mobile?
  • Is there an assumption that only java apps can be secure on phones?
  • DRM for films / streaming mediaApp store security / kill switches

Sessions people would like to host:

  • Web applications and mobiles - Pandora's box?
  • Wrap-up / which organisations should take emerging topics?
  • Data privacy protection
  • Trusted Signalling Infrastructures / networks
  • Secured (One)API (most notably security ecosystem dedicated to B2C services)
  • Extend the existing cartography of key operator assets and improve the associated security policies
  • How patching should work in the mobile phone world:
    • Out of OS manufacturer, phone manufacturer, network operator and customer ... who should do what?
    • How can we make everyone happy, and patching effective?
  • How to address a Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) dedicated to mobile applications based on open OS' & APIs designed and developed by the Internet community? How to address the definition of responsibilities?
  • What does end-to-end security really mean in the context of mobility and ubiquity?




Tips for Sessions

Encourage Discussion: Camp is about discussions and sharing ideas, not to be bored to tears. It's OK to have a few slides if you need to explain something complex, but no one wants to sit through your Powerpoint 20 slides - leave that for the traditional conferences. We'll have projectors in both of the rooms, but why not just write a few notes on the board and encourage discussion.

Encourage Learning: A lot of us attending work on mobile products and services, and we want to tell everyone about what we're doing and maybe to get them to try stuff out. But, don't expect campers to sit through your standard sales pitch. It's better to tell people about what you learned while developing and delivering your product/service.




hashtag for tweets: #MoCaSA - http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23MoCaSA

Flickr tag: MoCaSA -





You can register by following the link on ETSI's website below. We will reflect the attendees back to the barcamp site regularly: http://webapp.etsi.org/MeetingCalendar/MeetingDetails.asp?mid=28551