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Join Charlottesville's tech meetup of the year.

The Schedule


9:00-10:00 Breakfast
ROOM-> Big Room Board Room Lunch Room Other Room
1000-1050 User Experience (UX) for Techies
Intro to Windows 8  Concurrent Programming 
Coworking "Jellies" 

JavaScript - testing & server side

WebGL Idea, or Good Idea?
Data Mining 
1140-1230 Startups: How-to & why they die. JavaScript MVC - Backbone, Ember, Knockout Scientific Data / Big Data / Visualization Staying fit as a Desk Jockey 
1230-1350 Lunch and lightning talks
1350-1440 Solr / NoSQL / Big Data
Bleeding Edge Development Environment (e.g. Light Table) Responsive Design Made in Cville 
1440-1530 Browser-Based Games Getting Media Attention Computer-Generated Music Agile Software Culture 
1530-1620 Augmented Reality
Functional Programming in Clojure (Lisp) DevOps - Continuous Integration & Delivery Sass / Less / CSS preprocessors 
closing session beCamp wrap-up

beCamp is September 28/29 2012 @ CitySpace on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA

Friday 5pm & Saturday 9am.

See who is coming and add your name to the list. Contact Ron with questions. beCamp is...

  • a free high-quality participant-driven event, a conference-grade unconference
  • for software developers, sysadmins/devops, designers, and business developers
  • the place to meet/join Charlottesville's tech community (new? you'll feel welcome!)
  • the inspiration of many great meetups throughout the year
  • going strong after 6 years of meetups

beCamp is the venue -- you are the agenda! Come Friday night / Saturday day to share, learn, and present topics selected by the crowd.

The Format

The most energizing parts of any tech conference are the discussions in the hallways and between the sessions, and beCamp is an entire event dedicated to this kind of interaction.  beCamp is Charlottesville's version of the BarCamp unconference phenomenon—organized on the fly by attendees, for attendees.

The Venue

CitySpace is centrally located on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, with an open layout and several places to hold sessions. We'll have a wireless network, meals, and drinks/coffee. Bring your enthusiasm, a laptop/tablet, and some business cards.

Need parking? See this map. Downtown Charlottesville has a lot of street parking. The closest garage is the Market Street Garage -- CitySpace is under the Market Street Garage. Directions are here.

The Sponsors

We have an excellent line-up of very generous sponsors. Details are here: Sponsor beCamp 2012

The People

Add yourself by editing this wikiSign up ahead of time and get a t-shirt (awesome new shirt this year) and a geeky Lego name badge (http://goo.gl/46Zwe). Walk-ins welcome (badge order must be in by September 21). Space is limited to 100 people. The t-shirt order went in on September 11, projecting to a 100 count based on current registrations.



  1. Ron DuPlain {M}
  2. Jamie Orchard-Hays {L}
  3. Waldo Jaquith {N/A} http://waldo.jaquith.org/ @waldojaquith 
  4. Josh Mlcoch {M}  http://www.willowtreeapps.com/  http://people.virginia.edu/~jrm4ta/
  5. Cushing Whitney {L} http://www.bitlathe.com/ @koosh_ball
  6. Stuart Leitch {S} @stuartdleitch
  7. Kristy Moon {M} @kristylmoon 
  8. Eric Pugh {M} http://www.opensourceconnections.com/ @dep4b 
  9. Owen Zanzal ozanzal@click2mail.com {L} http://click2mail.com @o3design 
  10. Simeon Fitch {XL} http://datamininglab.com/ @metasim "What could we do to make it different this year?" 
  11. Eddie Gotherman {L} @EddieGotherman 
  12. Dale Castle {XL} https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Charlottesville (Can't make it this year.)
  13. Ben Taitelbaum {L} @coshx 
  14. Michael Holroyd {M} http://arqball.com @meekohi 
  15. Andrew Montalenti {M} http://parse.ly @amontalenti
  16. Kenneth Reitz {XL} http://kennethreitz.com http://heroku.com @kennethreitz 
  17. Bessie Monke {S} http://bessiewrites.com @babymoondrop
  18. Matt Clark {M} @mattclark5
  19. Michael Buckbee {XL} http://www.bootstraphero.com @mbuckbeee 
  20. Matthew Derby {XXXL} @cl4rk3
  21. Steve Johnson {L}
  22. Rory Stolzenberg (M) http://getfoodio.com @GetFoodio 
  23. Delia Wilson Lunsford (M) http://teamwiztech.com http://deliawilsondesign.com @deliawl
  24. John Rabasa (M) http://brng.it http://uxpartners.net @jrabasa
  25. AC Capehart {XL} http://about.me/capehart @capehart  (travel came up)
  26. Isaac Truett {L} G+ 
  27. Sharon Barker (L) http://scitent.com @sbarker0
  28. RJ Bruneel {XL} http://www.motorcycleweather.com
  29. Joel Cochran {XL} @JoelCochran 
  30. Alex Mikhail {XXXL}
  31. Daniel Beach {M} http://danielbeach.com @danielbeach
  32. Jeff Uphoff {M} http://eucalyptus.com/ @juphoff
  33. Anson Parker {m}  
  34. Kam Khare (L) - @kamkhare 
  35. Dave Lewis {L} http://www.birchbox.com/ @d_a_l_l
  36. Daniel Weber {L} http://www.bitlathe.com/  
  37. Wayne Graham {L} @wayne_graham 
  38. Spencer Ingram {M} hackcville.com @Spencer_Ingram
  39. Jon Tiemann {M}  www.digitalpersonae.com @jtiemann
  40. Dan Epstein {L} @DanEpstein140 
  41. Harry Whelchel {M} 
  42. Bruce Qua {L} @bruceq
  43. Sue Richeson {XXXL}
  44. John Berryman {M} @JnBrymn opensourceconnections.com
  45. Kishin Wadhwani {M}  (Unexpected scheduling conflict)
  46. Daniel Lepage {XL} @dplepage 
  47. Kai Groner {M} 
  48. Matt Muckle http://www.brightspec.com  
  49. Jason See {L}  http://www.willowtreeapps.com
  50. Matt Dawson {M}  http://www.willowtreeapps.com 
  51. Josh Brown {M} 
  52. Debra Weiss http://drwdesign.com
  53. Ian Mesner {L}
  54. Remi Pelletier {XL} http://remipelletier.blogspot.com  @remipelletier
  55. Richard Brewster {M} http://rabbitsoftware.com
  56. Joshua Talbot {M}
  57. Nathan Rose {M} 
  58. Bill Tompkins {L} http://www.key-square.com
  59. Joe Masters {M} http://www.nrao.edu
  60. Matias Seibert {L} 
  61. Bob Mead {XL} http://www.unos.org 
  62. Chris Greenwood {M} 
  63. Al Tenhundfeld {XXL} http://ecstaticlabs.com @alric
  64. Jeff Vogelsang @jeffvogelsang
  65. Mateja Putic {M} @mateja
  66. Yixin Sun {M}
  67. Joe Nasevich {M} http://whisperingweb.com/ @Whisper_SW
  68. Samyukta Jadhwani {XXL}
  69. Andrew Frye {L}
  70. Greg Kalai 
  71. Chris Fauerbach {XL} http://www.npulsetech.com 
  72. Kevin Snead {XL} 
  73. Robbie Hott {XL} http://www.robbiehott.com @deternitydx
  74. Steve Hunter {L}  
  75. Chris Clarke {L}
  76. Kostas (Gus) Tselios {L} @qwerty105s 
  77. Kendrick Lay
  78. Mikael Ricardo 
  79. William Proffitt {M} @doogiedoogie 
  80. Patricia Gorla http://www.hellowallet.com
  81. Tristan Williams {M} http://www.designedbytw.com
  82. Zubin Mehta Mobilize Art 
  83. Rolf Braun {L}
  84. Fred McDavid {XL} http://www.lightcastletech.com/
  85. Pete Akey {L} http://www.npulsetech.com 
  86. Susan Blackmoor
  87. Alex Becker
  88. Lydia Fetcho
  89. Chris Hapgood (L) 


Order your customized Lego name badge (last day to order is September 21):


(You will be asked to commit to participating both days to receive badge.)

Regrets not being able to make it:

  1. Erik Hatcher - :( - sorry, overlaps with red-eye flight and kids soccer, ugh.  

Lurking, in and out or watching closely online:



Volunteers, show up Friday at 3:30pm to get setup. See https://trello.com/b/v8DtorEa.

  • Cushing Whitney
  • Matt Clark
  • Isaac Truett (driving from Richmond; will try to escape office in time for 3:30 setup) 

Join the beCamp@virginia.edu mailing list at https://lists.virginia.edu/sympa/info/becamp 

The Topics

Add topics by editing this wiki.

  • WebGl
  • Augmented Reality
  • DevOps 
  • Javascript alternatives (Dart, Coffeescript, etc.)  
  • Distributed Teams
  • Automated configuration management with chef, puppet, salt. 

The Science Fair

We are doing a "mini science fair" Friday night. Bring anything you want to show off. Robot cars, Arduino project, MythTV, Home Automation, ...? 



Cville Clubs and Meetups



Neon Guild - C’ville club for technology professionals.  Come early, meet people, and get onto the e-mail list.

beCville & beCraft -  – Charlottesville Software Craftsmanship Group

beCamp - Annual Tech conference

First Wednesdays - Grab a beer and meet John Feminella.

AgileCville - Agile “support group”

CVille MDG - Charlottesville Microsoft Developer Group




UVa Venture Forward - Aims to unify student and towny entrepreneurs and bring UVa technologies to market. Lianne Landers is very active here.

HackCville - "A startup lab on the corner serving up a boatload of awesome for student entrepreneurs." Spencer Ingram runs the show.

Cville Tech Incubator Run by Gary Henry, and he'd love to have more people use his space and mentorship network.

StartupCville - Frequented by Cville VCs like Jennifer O'Daniel

Entrepreneurship Group at McIntire - Quickly becoming the pan UVa entrepreneurship group. See how fast you can get acquainted with Brendan Richardson.

The E*Society - Darden business school's E*ntrepreneurship club. Started by Ian Ayers, who's still around and teaching about effectuation

Cville Startup Weekend - Startup weekend competition.  Create a business in 54 hours!

Charlottesville Venture Group - A non-profit providing high quality educational programs for the benefit of area entrepreneurs, innovators and corporations.





Photos of the Event

Link your photos here by editing this wiki.

Media Coverage

Press is welcome.

Online Discussion

If you are discussing beCamp online, edit this wiki and add links here.

The Logo

You can use this logo when promoting beCamp. Source: becamp-badge_source.ai

becamp Black logo no date