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Updated: Winning Sessions 


Marketing: "Error 404: The Panel You Are Looking For Does Not Exist"

Presentation PDF with Notes


Product Strategy: From the Market to the Market - Reclaim Central Strategy for Marketing with Personas -- from customer centric design to customer centric marketing to customer centric company. 

Presentation URLhttp://www.tage.de/product-potluck-austin.html


Session Proposals for ProductPotluck Austin: October 2009


Topic: Marketing

Session Title: "Error 404: The Panel You Are Looking For Does Not Exist"

Session Description: Often, unexpected opportunities present themselves in customer experience touch points like Error 404 web pages. This panel will discuss examples and strategies to leverage your product and your customer's experience in unique, innovative ways. Take part in this panel to share and uncover these opportunities in your events, product workflows, social media, retail stores, ecommerce, client relations, signup processes and more.


    1. Jonathan Gesinger - BizDev, Emma,  @j_gesinger

    2. Alex Jones - User Experience Manager, Pluck and Coordinator of Refresh Austin, @baldman

    3. Amanda McGuckin Hager - High Tech Marketing Professional, @shoogie

    4. Jason Sugawa - Co-Founder and Partner of Clutch Creative, @clutchcreative

Session Type: Panel


Topic: Marketing

Session Title: Applying buyer personas to marketing strategy

Description: A roundtable discussion on applying buyer personas to marketing strategy for technology products.  How to target value messages vs. feature comparisons for specific buyer personas to drive new product growth.  There's a big difference between buyer personas and user personas.  How do you target value messages vs. feature comparisons for specific buyer personas to drive new product growth?  Is your sales force ready to sell benefits?  Who should they be selling them to?  How does this impact your marketing strategy?  Why does it matter?  Bring your thoughts and experiences and the discussion can grow to be about a lot more!

Presenter: Mike Boudreaux is a product manager at Emerson Process Management. Mike holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University Houston and a Marketing MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Session Type: Roundtable



Topic Area: Marketing

Session Title: Top 10 Ways to Use Facebook to Promote your Business


  •    How to setup your profile
  •    Privacy setting for your Small Business
  •    How to stop other businesses promoting their business on your profile page
  •    Group or Fan page – benefits of each
  •    How to share your events on Facebook
  •    Joining groups
  •    Having conversations with people on Facebook via email and chat
  •    How to not spam people on Facebook
  •    Facebook Applications you need installed

Presenter: Christopher Sherrod is the author of Prosperity Games a collection of fun games to create new business ideas based on what you love.  He designed AbundanceUnlimited.com and has been on the Internet since 1989.  Chris got his first computer in 1975, created his first business in 1989, created his first website in 1995, and went full-time into his own business in 1996 programming and selling specialty software and creating websites.  He was on the team that launched the first Internet presence of American Express back in the mid 90’s.  Serial entrepreneur and founder of AbundanceUnlimited.com and MoneyMachineWebsites.com. 

Session Type: Presentation


Topic Area: Product Strategy

Session Title:  From the Market to the Market - Reclaim Central Strategy for Marketing with Personas -- from customer centric design to customer centric marketing to customer centric company.

Short introductory presentation, then split up into several workshops and build sketch personas (not full, but to get the idea) for products / services and make list how this could be used in product strategy, marketing, analytics, etc.   

More info and presentation draft for 'From the market to the market - Reclaim central strategy for marketing with personas"

link to this url: http://www.tage.de/product-potluck-austin.html

Presenter: Andreas Voss is a Senior Internet Manager with global experience in web strategy, online marketing and internet operations.

·  MA in Political Science

·  Journalist & Editor for several German publications (high tech, environmental, local)

·  Public Relations & Internet Project Manager at Kloeckner (energy distribution, automation)

·  Multimedia Consultant Rinke consulting

·  Senior PM / Director nexum.de, manager of global clients unit

·  Head of internet TUV.com, 12,000+ engineering conglomerate

·  Web strategist AMD as full time contractor 

·  Internet Consultant and Volunteer (Lifeworks, Ronald McDonald House of Austin & others)

Session Type: Workshop



Topic Area: Product Strategy

Session Title: Help! I work for engineers who care little about Product Strategy

Description:  A roundtable discussion about how to implement product strategy at a company where such concepts are not readily supported. Drawing from best practices and audience experiences, we will address how to develop questions and channel thinking beyond the tactical, day-to-day tasks of product marketing in order to drive product strategy within engineering driven organizations.


Jeffrey Eversmann is a Director of Professional Services and Product Marketing at Numetrics Management Systems where he is responsible for the development and execution of new product strategies. Numetrics provides R&D Schedule and Resource Planning for Semiconductor Companies through a suite of enterprise software tools tailored to the unique needs of system and semiconductor product development organizations. 

Jeff has over 15 years experience in high-tech with proven success rebuilding design teams, turning around design centers, and implementing new product development processes. Jeff is a senior member of the IEEE and has been active in professional organizations such as the Program Management Institute (PMI) and Product Development and Management Association (PDMA). He holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as dual bachelors degrees in Computer Engineering and Management Science. 

In 2006, Jeff completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas. Since then he has been assisting entrepreneurs seeking to raise investment by helping them effectively communicate the financial strategy of their business opportunity.


Session Type: Roundtable