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WebWorkersCamp5 @OpenWorldForum 2012


NoSQL, Message Queues, Asynchronous programming, Web Sockets, Distributed Applications, Workers, HTML5 & CSS3, Decentralized Social Networks… and to the list of buzzwords we should add... CUDA, Parallelisms, Big Data Streams, Rapsberry Pi... sure to be hot topics in 2013 !


October 13th 2012, 1PM -> 3PM (and probably later than that...)


Open World Forum / SALLE MILAN / EUROSITES-George V 28, Avenue George V - 75008 Paris


This is the fifth (already!) Parisian meetup for all those who like making fun architectures. This meeting is a great moment to learn and share experiences on the current best practices. It will be held during the Open World Forum 2012, the leading global forum bringing together decisions-makers, developers and users from all over the world to cross-fertilize Open technological, business and societal initiatives to shape the digital future.


What is the WebWorkersCamp?

Nowadays we don't create applications anymore, we create platforms. Platforms consist in several software layers and their orchestration make the success or failure of our projects. This orchestration, with respect to best practices, also makes the beauty of our developments.

The WebWorkersCamp is a meet-up for those wondering how to build robust platforms that can scale with traffic and evolve. This meeting targets both people working on general public applications and people who experimented the newest adequate technologies (asynchronous programming, websockets, NoSQL, waiting queues...). Individual developers, entrepreneurs, CIO and decision makers are invited to meet the actors of this great transformation in the IT landscape.

As for the previous editions, this BarCamp will be the occasion to exchange around the "fun/funny architectures" thematic: software architectures, real-time / distributed applications, decentralized social networks and all the components you need in your stack (NoSQL, asynchronous programming, messages queues...). These are the topics we announce, but you are the campers and you make the event! Don't be shy, come and share!

Of course we are preparing some stuff, inviting some people... but the last edition shown us that some of the best working groups came from regular campers!


What is BarCamp?

Wikipedia : a BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.



Me parler no french, can I come ?

O you are most invited to.Because the Open World Forum is an international event, most if all sessions will be in English

When ?

Saturday 13th of October 2012

Where ?

Open World Forum / SALLE MILAN / EUROSITES-George V - 28, Avenue George V - 75008 Paris



Avec le support de


The session Grid :

This is yours, Propose your sessions here !

A note about subjects, this is really yours, so don't hesitate to put is stuff that is even remotely related. As long as it is cool and tech and new


Quoi / What

Qui / Who 

TypeScript Pierre 
Ori Pekelman


Participants (aka Campers)

You can put your name here so others will know who's coming and what you're interested in... but don't forget to tweet too, and talk about it and Open World Forum around you... You can also check the Open World Forum program and the OSDC program (it will also occurr during OWF) to see what other cool sessions will happen

But first register to the open world forum (free!) at http://www.openworldforum.org/user/register/ or you won't be able to enter the venue...


To be comfortable in the room the limit number of participants is set to 120...  

Prénom (firstname)
Nom (lastname)
Description /where from/ company
Email /blog /other
Interested in / presentation
Tshirt size
Student / Business & Web Developer 
Cozy Cloud


Previous Editions