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Northwest Filmmakers' Un-conference

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NOVEMBER 8, 2014


Seems to be a good idea, these fimmakers' BarCamps, so of course we would like to have another, our seventh, on Saturday November 8, 2014— corresponding with the 41st Northwest Filmmakers Festival (November 7-15).

For those of you who did participate, the next BarCamp will be much like the rest.  For those new to the BarCamp world, welcome to a user-generated un-conference organized for and by filmmakers like yourself.  This is an opportunity to meet and share information with scores of experts and foragers alike.  Take a look at the schedule board from a previous un-conference to see the kinds of topics that were discussed and then imagine a roomful of whipsmart filmmakers thinktanking the issues and sharing best practices and scary roads to avoid.  It's fun, it's lively, and it's the best way we could ever imagine to get our wildly talented and creative film community (that's you) to help each other and to help themselves with on the ground ideas and inspirations you can plug right into your next production. Remember, user-generated means just that you are needed to help organize the event and you decide how it all comes together.



Add your name to the list of participants (toward the bottom of the page) by clicking “Edit page”

You will be asked to register with wiki—the password is: c4mp

Important note:  If you prefer not to receive e-mails every time a BarCamp page is edited, go to: https://my.pbwiki.com/?p=home and adjust your preferences.


Once you have registered, you are logged in and will come to the edit page where you can add your name, title and contact info and also suggest a topic. You just type right onto the page and then click "save" at the bottom. If you have a topic you would like to present, just add your name behind that topic.  It sounds a little scary to be fiddling with the web page, but know that I save versions of it often so if something goes wildly awry, just e-mail me and I should be able to sew it back up lickety-split.

If you are totally confounded, e-mail film@nwfilm.org  with the subject: UN-CONFERENCE


Event details

Northwest Filmmakers' Un-conference

Resources, information and inspiration for filmmakers of the Northwest

Saturday, November 8, 2014  10 am - 4 pm



Meet at The Portland Art Museum's Mark Building (1219 SW Park Avenue)    

For breakfast snacks, introductions and planning of the day's schedule.


1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR ‎ 

Map of the business location

11am - 4 pm

The Conference moves to the Northwest Film Center's School of Film for the breakout sessions.


11am - 4 pm

Join us at the Northwest Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium (1219 SW Park Avenue) for WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.


The Schedule


10am: Portland's Art Museum's Mark Building. Introductions and agenda setting—breakfast snacks provided by KIND snacks (thanks kindly!).

11:00am: First block of presentations begin at the Northwest Film Center’s School Of Film (934 SW Salmon Street)

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch (We have free burrito/bowl coupons from Chipotle Mexican Grill. Bringing your own food is also an option.

1:00-2:00pm Second block of presentations

2:00-3pm: Third Block of presentations

3 pm: Gather and toast another heroically productive Un-conference.

4:00-6pm: "What's Wrong With This Picture?" Watch and participate as Seattle film guru, Warren Etheredge examines a few films that were not selected for the 40th Northwest Filmmakers' Festival and offers his insight minced with audience input, to the makers.




Participants  (You!)

Thomas Phillipson, NW Filmmakers' Festival Manager thomas@nwfilm.org

Paul Bingman / honorary (we'll miss you Paul)

Ian Westmorland/ liquidreel@gmail.com

  . .add your name here (start a new line above this one)





Proposed Topics : What do you want to hear about or what do you want to talk about?



How to acquire literary rights and/or life rights to a story


How to sell a screenplay


Film and Video Preservation


How to have a successful Kickstarter Campaign


How can I win the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship?



- add your topic idea here (add a new line above this one)



People We Need

Moderators— anyone want to help organize this and get the word out?

Volunteers— to help find sponsors or to set up, clean up, greet participants and help run the event e-mail


Please email at: thomas@nwfilm.org